Filmmaker, Video Editor, Motion Graphics Designer, and Photographer in Cairo, Egypt.
Keeping notes to remember.. You may consider it some sort of Documentation.

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A nomad film/video editor, foodie, doodling-lover, Egyptian girl. Passionate about coffee, travelling, filmmaking, documentaries, photography, project management, cats, and few other things that I can't really remember right now...
I also have a dream that I'm looking forward to achieve it... Just before I die!!!!


Long-story-short: This is a "Technical Blog" about my work/jobs/careers (whatever you call it!).

Short-Story-Long: Here, I share any piece of information I pass by, and I believe I'd forget by time. Just taking notes of whatever I read, practice, or experience through my career(s) or free readings.

Some posts are my own pure thoughts and experiences. Others are summaries of other articles, books, or blog posts.

Most of posts will be in the field of Software Engineering, Web Development, Software & Tools, Open Source Tools and Environments, Computer Science, Information Technology, Management, Leadership, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Business Strategies, Work Environment, and a little bit of Photography and Filmmaking, specially Photo-editing and Retouching Techniques and Tools, and Video-editing Tools.


In summer 2008, I was a newbie intern at Kinematechs (Centrivision nowadays). My manager, Eng. Tarek, assigned a bit challenging task to me. After couple days, I did it successfully. Then he said, "That's great, Yasmen. Now you should write the solution's steps down."
- "Why should I do that?"
- "Well, what if after couple months you faced the same problem. You would have been already forget the steps, and you can't spend more whole days looking for them again, right?"

I was just about to say, "No, I think I'll never forget the steps!"... Thank God I said just, "OK." :D

I wrote the steps down on my notebook. Then, my workmate, Amira, suggested to use some online journal so that I can access it anytime anywhere. That sounded pretty interesting to me.

And here we are! :)

I'm really grateful for both of them!


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Shorab from Mauritius said...

Assalamu alaikum

So what would you like to achieve before you die?

Yasmen Refaat said...

Wa Alikum Assalam,

Well... this is quite hard to answer.. seems we have to wait and see till I die...

Shorab Cadersaib said...

Never wait....

Every little actions counts:

The Messenger of Allah  said,
“The clever one is he who disciplined himself and worked for
what is after death, and the feeble one is he who followed his
desires, then made (vain) prayers to Allah.”

Yasmen Refaat said...

Yes, I'm aware of that.

I meant, that we have to wait & see, as life changes, so do priorities, perspectives, mindsets, etc..

My dream for tomorrow has changed.. and will always change.. Can't name a specific one now.. we have to wait & see.. That's it.