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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thinking as a Film Editor: Ahmad Hosam's Demo Reel

2017 started with a quite interesting editing challenge, when my friend Ahmad Hosam decided to trust me and put me in charge of editing a demo reel for his experimental films. Was a bit surprise that he asked me to do it, he's kinda I-like-to-do-it-self guy. Yet, I didn't hesitated for a second.

Here's it:

For YouTube lovers:
Ahmad's full films could be found on his YouTube or Vimeo channels.


So the challenge was: To sum 10 short experimental films, into one 1-2 minutes video, that highlights Ahmad's filmmaking skills.

Challenge Accepted!

The Process:

# After downloading the 10 films, I sliced them all up. Scanning each one, and split whenever there's a cut. This aims to simplifying the selection process for my editing. Each cut is now like a separate independent footage/clip. Besides, training my eyes to carefully examine the movies, by watching closely almost every frame.
    Click to enlarge.

    # Now it's time to make a list of the top qualities Ahmad has shown in his films, Technical, artistic, and conceptual qualities and skills. That's the main purpose of having a demo real, right?

    Before start cutting he reminded me with Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr. [the films of] demo real series that I've seen long time ago. Here's one of my favorite:

    So the question is: What's Ahamd's main qualities? (I won't answer that question here. Will leave it to your own judgement ;)

    # Knowing what I have in hand, and what I wanna achieve makes the cutting pretty easy at this stage. So, It's time to tell a story. A bit classical start-middle-end one. That's what I'm believing in when to comes to editing. Not a random cut'n'past process, but a storytelling one. 

    The trick was in identifying the qualities to be highlighted, and to convey them  as they are. Given that Ahmad's way of thinking and style is not that similar to mine when it comes to films making. It's like putting myself in his shoes and think as he might do.

    I'm pretty much satisfied with the experience and the final result (despite tiny little flaws in the sounds ins'n'outs). And glad that he's satisfied too :)