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Sunday, December 28, 2014

It's Your Ship (2)

(You can read part 1 here)

Create a Climate of Trust:
The best way for an organization to succeed is to give the employees all the responsibility they can handle and then stand back. Trusting your employees to do their job well sustains the company. When people start trusting each other more and more, they stop questioning motives and start to work as one unit.

You should be aware that people are sensitive to your actions and reactions. If they see that you are the type of leader that gives up on someone easily, they will think that there is no room for redemption. If they see you, however intervene to help someone who is worth the effort, they will be reassured.

If people feel more secure, they are more willing to take risks. After all, they trust that you will support them. Trusting your employees gives them a positive attitude about the organization.

Look for Results not Salutes:
Encourage the people in your organization to be more result-oriented by opening their minds to new ideas. Encourage them to use their imagination to find new ways of doing things. Your employees must learn how to take the initiative.

People who always say “yes” or agree with the higher-ups or top executives all the time are dangerous to the organization. These employees tend to mask problems until it is too late to solve it.

Create a culture where your staff is comfortable enough to say what is wrong or suggest reforms when they feel that something can be improved.

Great leaders are not afraid of criticisms and are open to the ideas and opinion of his staff. Make your people feel that they can speak freely and that you respect them. If you do this, you will earn their loyalty, trust and respect.

Take a chance on a promising sailor. Give people second chances especially if you see potential in him. He might just surprise you with outstanding results.

Go Beyond Standard Procedure:
If a rule doesn't make sense, break it carefully. Remember, there is always room for improvement but think ideas thoroughly before implementing it.

Innovation and progress are realized when you go beyond standard operating procedures. Sometimes, you have to look for new ways to handle old tasks and find new approaches to new problems.

Good leaders strengthen their organization by building their people and helping them feel good about themselves and their jobs. When this happens, morale and productivity is improved which translates to increased profit for the company.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's Your Ship

Encourage and Respect Your Staff:
A challenge for every organization is to attract, retain and motivate employees. If a company succeeds in doing so, employees work with more passion, energy, and enthusiasm. This translates to an increase in productivity and more profit for the company.

Research indicates that low pay or salary is only the fifth on the list of reasons why employees change jobs. The top four reasons are:
1. Not being treated with respect or dignity.
2. Prevented from making an impact on the organization.
3. Not being listened to.
4. Not being rewarded with more responsibility.

You must assume that everyone wants to do well. It is then important that you give your employees the space and confidence they need to do their jobs. Do not just bark out orders and expect them to follow. Give everyone the trust and respect they deserve.

Leadership focuses on encouraging people not only to find better ways to do their jobs, but also to enjoy their work. A leader's “job” is to create a climate that enables employees to unleash their potential. If you give your people the right tools and the right environment, they can achieve wonders.

A good leader knows when to stand up and be accountable for his mistakes. If your crew sees that you take responsibility for your actions, they too will follow suit. It is far more beneficial to make sure that a mistake never happens again, than to find someone else to put the blame on.

Communicate Purpose and Meaning:

One of the factors to being a great leader is that he must listen to people. If someone approaches you, give him your full, undivided attention. Doing so tells the person that you respect him and that he is important.

The secret to a successful management of any organization is to be able to articulate a common goal that inspires people to work hard together. Proper, effective and open communication of goals, rules, instructions and expectations can spell a difference. The more people know what your goals are, the better results you can achieve.

Freedom Creates Discipline:
Silence, lies and arrogance creates an atmosphere that poisons creativity and productivity. Give your people the freedom to speak up. If they fear that you will shoot down their suggestions or that you are not open to criticisms, they will be afraid to give you their suggestions or point out mistakes and problems that can prove to be costly to your organization. Empower your crew to take action and to think and act on their own. Teach them that they should not afraid to speak up.

Book Title: It's Your Ship
Author: Captain D. Michael Abrashoff
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Date of Publication: 2002
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