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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Making Movies (4) - Actors: Can an Actor Really Be Shy?

Few points I liked from Sidney Lumet's book, "Making Movies".
1) The Director: The Best Job in the World
2) The Script: Are Writers Necessary?
3) Style: The Most Misused Word Since Love

# Actors are performing artists, and performing artists are complex people. 
# The talent of acting is one in which the actor’s thoughts and feelings are instantly communicated to the audience. In other words, the “instrument” that an actor is using is himself. It is his feelings, his physiognomy, his sexuality, his tears, his laughter, his anger , his romanticism, his tenderness, his viciousness, that are up there on the screen for all to see. That’s not easy. In fact, quite often it’s painful. 
# I don’t want life reproduced up there on the screen. I want life created. The difference lies in the degree of the actor’s personal revelation. 
# I will say to the actors, “Go as far as you feel. Do as much or as little as you want to. If you feel it, let it fly. Don’t worry whether it’s the right emotion or the wrong one. We’ll find out. That’s what rehearsals are for. But minimally, talk to each other and listen to each other. Don’t worry about losing your place in the script as long as you’re really talking and listening to each other. Try to pick up on what you just heard. 
# With beginning students, Sanford Meisner spent the first month or six weeks getting them to really talk and listen to one another. That’s all. It’s the great common denominator where different acting styles and techniques meet. 
# A pickup is where you begin a new take at the point where the old take was interrupted. 
# Everything about actors and movie acting is in that story. The use of self at whatever cost, the self-knowledge, the confidence that a director and actor have to develop in each other, the devotion to a text (Marlon never questioned the words), the dedication to the work, the craft.