Friday, May 18, 2012

The Best Marketing Advice “Gurus” Never Tell You

An irresistible marketing message doesn’t just happen overnight – forget what the “gurus” have preached to you in the past. Invest time and energy into creating a marketing message that catches your clients’ and prospects’ attention, and makes them come back for more.

TWO secret ingredients to your marketing strategy:
• Provide proof that your product actually works.
• Even if your product doesn’t work, your customers always come out on top.

Knowing Your Clients:

Step 1: Who Is Your Ideal Client:
This is a very important question, because you can’t sell to people you don’t know anything about.

Step 2: Understanding the Decision-Making Process:
There are four roles in a purchasing decision. All four roles can be performed by the same person or by different people.
#1 Researcher - Who researches the different options available?
#2 Decision Maker - Who makes the final decision?
#3 Influencer - Who influences the decision?
#4 User - Who uses the product?

Step 3: Finding Hot Button:
They are different people with different motivations. Include benefits for your target customer(s) in your marketing message, that hits their motives.

Step 4: Reaching Your Audience 
Based on the research you did, you should have an idea now about how can you reach these targeted audiences. Here are few questions to consider:
  • What magazines do they read?
  • What websites do they visit?
  • What radio shows do they listen to on a regular basis?
  • How do they make their decisions? By recommendation? If so, who do they get recommendations from? How can you reach those people?
Step 5: Do It!
At this point, you know who your ideal client is; how he or she makes their decisions; who else is involved in the decision making process; what motivates these people to take action and how to reach them. Your next step? DO IT!

How to Be Remarkable and Make a Lasting Impression
This is my favorite part about marketing: you need to be weird. A great product, at an even better price, just won’t do the trick. When I say weird, I don’t mean ‘crazy’ weird. I mean creative and different – when it’s time to step outside your marketing comfort zones.

Why You Should Position Yourself as a Specialist
  • Higher Perceived Value: When you’re the “tax consultant who does taxes for small business owners in the health industry,” your services have a much higher perceived value than those from “that person who does taxes for the entire planet.”
  • Charge More Money
  • Less Competition (or No Competition at All)
  • Easier to Find Your Target Market: When you find a niche market, finding your customers who want and need your products/services is a piece of cake.
  • Push Your Customers’ Hot Buttons: When you find a niche market, you can tailor your marketing message to say exactly what your market wants to hear.
  • Inexpensive Marketing Channels
  • If you’re in business just for the money, your customers will notice it.
  • Measure everything you do, find out what works and what doesn’t - DO more of what works!
  • It is perfectly acceptable to think BIG sometimes when it comes to your target markets.
  • The larger the market, the more people to sell products to.
  • You can have low-ticket items to engage people into your sales funnel, but make sure you have high-ticket products to offer down the road.
  • Offer a great solution to a painful problem AND the money will follow.
  • Clients are your best research tool! Ask and you shall receive.
Zeke Camusio, "The Internet Marketing Bible", 2011.

To download a free copy of the book click here:

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