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Saturday, December 24, 2011

How To Make Your Photos Look Professional (2)

Here's another trick of almost one step, which is called:


This effect usually works fine with images that have a lot of colors, as it depends on manipulating the Red, Green, & Blue colors of the image.

I'll use this photo of the Nile.

Step 1: Add a Curves layer [Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves]. Then press OK.

Step 2: From the Channel drop-down box, select the Red channel and drag the top right of the curve a little to the left. Then drag a couple of points on the curve so that it forms a very gentle S — darkening the shadows and brightening the Red channel's highlights.

Step 3: Select the Blue channel and drag the curve's top-right point downward. It doesn't need to be much — just enough to take some blue out of the highlights. Then drag the curve's bottom-right point up a little, blocking up the Blue channel in the shadows.

Step 4: In the Green channel, add another gentle S curve — increasing the contrast, especially in the highlights.

Step 5: Change the Curves adjustment layer's blending mode to Color.

And here's the final result. Click the pic to enlarge.

Well, it almost depends on how much you control the channels curves, and your eyes trying to figure the best balance between the three colors. So, watch your hands & eyes ;)