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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Batch (Bulk) Image Editing Using Photoshop

In this post, I'll do what exactly I wanted to do at the previous post, but this time using Photoshop.

Initially, I admit that GIMP is a bit easier than Photoshop here!!

Anyway, to resize the images, we will use two functions called "Actions" & "Batch".

Create a New Action:
  • Navigate to Window > Action from the main menu to display the Action window.
  • Create a new Action. 
  • Click Record when you’re ready to begin recording your new Action.
  • At this point, apply the edits that you routinely do to your image: resizing, applying filters, save to web, etc. 
  • In our case here, simply open a photo, click "save as", & minimize the quality of it; then "close" it.
  • When you’re done, click the Stop Playing/Recording button in the Action window. 
Edit Multiple Pictures with a Batch:
  • To apply your Action to a Batch, click File > Automate > Batch from the main menu.
  • A new window will appear that shows all of the Batch settings you’ll configure. The most important settings are which Action to apply, where the images you want to edit are stored, and where to save the edited images. Note that you must apply a Batch to all photos within a folder. 
More detailed tutorials:


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