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Friday, July 22, 2011

Two Years Experience!

Two years since my graduation in July 2009. Yet, for me, it all like just yesterday! Can't believe it's whole TWO YEARS!!..

Anyway, after my first week at my first job (Aug. 2009), I wrote down some thoughts, that ware highlighted in my mind back that time. In May 2010, after my first week in my second job; I added more thoughts to my list. And I wrote: "... I know that one day, I'll pass by this blog old posts, and I'll pass by this post, and it'll make me recall some serious staffs that I'd have already forgotten!!! (actually it happens so often)..."

And what I expected, just happened! Every time I pass by my list, I do remember a LOT. So, I decided to share it with the public:

1# Be yourself!

2# Be yourself!!

3# Do NOT pretend to be someone else. i.e., just BE YOURSELF!!!!!

4# Do believe in your abilities. I recall a word that Eng. Khaled Al-Kady used to say to us "Our problem is that we think that we can do NOTHING! But, indeed, we can do ANYTHING!"

5# Do NOT EVER EVER EVER let go of your OWN dreams, whatever the temptations are (Big company, great salary, I have just to get a job, etc).

6# Take care of every course, topic, technology you pass by. You'll need it later.

7# Take extra care of people who pass by your life. One day, you might find yourself in one, and only one, project with some of them!!!!

8# It's all about YOU! Your believes, thoughts ,dreams, and preincipels are the MOST important at all.

9# (Work environment == Maze) && (You goals == The Cup)!! And as Dumbledore once said, at a Harry Potter Movie, "People change in the maze. Oh, find the cup if you can. But be very wary; you could just lose yourselves along the way".

10# Do NOT fall in "fetna" easily!! aaah! "Fetna" at work is TOO much!! You need to specify exactly what you need, what you're looking for, and what will you get from this company.

11# Remember those *teeeeeeeet* projects and assignments you've delivered?? OK, suck them away! They are NOTHING! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Nothing out there so complected that you cant' handle... by yourself ONLY.

12# Enjoy your day ;). They're 8 loooooong hours after all.

13# Watch extremely carefully your bosses and workmates. You'll learn too much from them, without they even notice :D

14# Ask any question that you have in mind. Even if you feel it's stupid.

15# Market yourself. Don't miss any chance to market about yourself. Use break times to talk about your experiences, your skills, your interests, your coming plans about learning something, or whatever. But, do it smartly. Don't be naive or gullible!

16# Take it easy, and be friendly. But don't stress on yourself, or give up any of your rights.

17# Keep learning. Aya has better words than me here :)

18# And this's the mooooooooost important issue. Don't miss your best ever friends you have in your life. They are the one, and only one, source of endless inspiration and emotional, & technical support for your lifetime ;) :D

19# It's totally ok to be not honest 100% with anyone in your life. But you have to, and must be 1000000% honest with yourself!! Fool anyone, but yourself!!!! You need her desperately. Share your strengths, weaknesses, fears, hopes, dreams, shortages, wishes together.

20# Listen to that little voice coming from deep down your heart. Most probably it speaks the truth.

21# Dare to break rules; as long as you don't harm someone else.

22# Have courage to take risks when needed. Just make sure that you have no more options but taking risk.

23# Plan, plan, plan, and plan!

24# Take your time in thinking. Don't rush.

25# Remember this Sami Yusuf's quote: "... All of this came about of me following my dream, being truthful with myself, not faltering or diverting when others have suggested a path I felt in my heart was wrong. Happiness and success come when you make sure you hold your ideals and dreams as sacred, and then I assure you anything and everything is possible to achieve in life..."

That's all!.. For now.. I know that I've learned a LOT.. Yet, I still eager, keen, & yearning for more & more to learn & see.. & I know that I will.. En shaa Allah! :)


Aya R. said...

Jazaky Allahu khyran..

very inspiring :)

Yasmen R. El-Shaa'rawy said...

Jazana Wa Eyakom :)

Mennat-allah Magdy said...

Yes ,Aya it's very motivational and inspiring post , I enjoyed reading geddan : )

Thanks Yasmin : )

Yasmen R. El-Shaa'rawy said...

3aaaaaaaash men shaaaaaaaafik ;)
7amdellah 3ala elsalaaaaama :D

Muslim2Proud said...

Yazo such a great post, really it's veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy inspiring :) jakaze Allahu khayran for the effort and your amazing super wise words :D ..

Yasmen R. El-Shaa'rawy said...

Jazana wa Eyakom LullaZzZz.. ba3d ma 3edakom ya fandim :">

Moustafa Samir said...

great post

Yasmen R. El-Shaa'rawy said...

Thanks Moustafa! :)