Thursday, October 8, 2009

Translate OpenERP Modules

# At the server side, in each module folder there exist its own .po file that contains its own translation

# To add translation to module(s):
- From the main menu click Administration> Translation> Import/Export> Export a Translation File.
- Choose the default language "English", and choose the file format to be a .CSV file
- Click the "Add" button to select the module(s) you want to translate.
- Then click "Get file" button
- This will give you a .CSV file with all objects/views/cods/buttons/etc that are related to the module(s) you picked.
- Now you may convert this .CSV to a .XLS file for edit-ability & readability (I don't know if Microsoft Excel could do this or not?! I'll check this later. meanwhile, you may try a converter).
- When you open this file, the first row shows the name of each field. You'll add your translation under the "value" column.
- Finally, reconvert the .XLS file to a .CSV.
- Import your updated file to your the desired DB through Administration> Translation> Import/Export> Import a Translation File.
- From the "User" menu, click "Preferences".
- Choose your recently imported language.
- Re-login to your system to see the change.

- Most probably, you wouldn't translate each and every row in the exported .CSV file. So, you could delete rows that you wouldn't translate.
- Make sure that rows in the imported .CSV are separated by a comma and a newline.

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