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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Powerful Managers Understand These Two Concepts

Leaders need to become much better at getting more done with less. And, if those managers don’t change their ways, fewer people will stay with them. And their results will continue to decline. That, of course, will create more failing people and companies.

Unless you enjoy working at a place which seems to define success as simply not failing one year at a time, I suggest you learn to embrace these two concepts:

# Power is not the same as force
There’s a real difference between power and force but it’s widely misunderstood. Consequently, when times get tough, in an effort to get more productivity with fewer players, most managers simply try to push their teams ever harder. It’s kind of like trying to break your dog of a bad habit by using a whip – it’ll work for a while but at some stage the law of diminishing returns kicks in. And you may end up getting bitten!!

People appreciate being asked for their advice. Especially if the manager is sincere about using it. Team members will give power to the boss if she or he doesn’t use it against them. And the boss will get much more done he’s are on the employee’s side than would be the case by simply trying to force his decisions downward.

# The real organization's quality
You can tell the quality of an organization by those who are leaving it, not those who are joining it. Even in difficult situations, good managers can recruit and hire high-quality players to boost the performance of their team through the use of money or other perks. This can mislead the manager into thinking all is well (or at least that things will get better) with the new players on board.

In an environment where the contribution of everyone is paramount, watch carefully to see who is leaving on her own volition. Sick organizations have a way of causing the good players to bail out even if they’ve been told they’re being kept on during downsizing or difficult times. The result is that the new players who are recruited end up joining a team of losers and don’t make the hoped-for contribution.



Aya Raafat El Gebeely said...

V.Good post Yasmen, I believe that the "carrot and stick" model that managers or leaders use to let people do their work, does not work anymore..

When filling employees with confidence, gaining mutual trust between all people.. you get loyal employees with higher quality output and productivity.

Also, the constructive feedback is an important tool for any manager or leader to guide others to do what they want correctly ..

it's the art of how to tell others their negatives or drawbacks without letting them into a defensive mood and get fruitful results.

Yasmen R. El-Shaa'rawy said...

I liked ur words Aya so much.

And I feel so disappointed when I see great teams with great vision and mission, having great skills, mentality, and opportunities, falling because of have bad management/leaderships skills & managers/leaders!!!

May Allah guide us all to the truth.