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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Manage Sales Order in OpenERP 5.0.3

Step#0: Pre-Requirements:
- products module is already installed, and some products and partners (Customers and Suppliers) are defined in the system.


All the coming process are done with the "Administrator" user. That's why everything is accessible.

Step#1: Install Necessary Modules:
To manage the sales orders, you'd need to install the following modules:
- sale: Sale Management
- stock
: Stock Management

Step#2: Create Sale Order:

- From the menu: Sales Management> Sales Order, click the New Quotation sub-menu.
- This will open a new form for the new order.
- At the New Quotation form, insert the necessary information of the order.
- After selecting the product(s) to be sold and its quantity, click the Confirm Order button.
- This will change the order state from "Quotation" to "In Progress".

Step#3: Check The Stock:

- From the menu: Stock Management> Outgoing Products, click Confirmed Picking Waiting Availability sub-menu
- This will show a list of all waiting quotation orders, to be checked if they are available at the stock or not.
- Click on your latest quotation order to open it.
- The order form will be opened in a reed-only mod, with three buttons at the bottom.
- To check the stock click the "Check Availability" button, or "Force Availability" to force proceeding the order even if the quantity is not available at the stock.
- This will change the order state from "In Progress" to "Available", the "Check Availability" button & "Force Availability" buttons will be replaced by "picking Don" button.
- Now the "virtual stock" will be minimized with the ordered quantity, while the real stock will still as it is.
- When the customer pick the order, click the "Picked Done" button.
- This will change the state from "Available" to "Done".

Very Important Hint:
Earlier user manuals and functional books that talk about OpenERP 4.0.0+, would mention something about "Inventory Control" menu; "Inventory Control" of earlier versions have been changed to "Stock Management" in OpenERP 5.0.3+

Step#4: Creating & Paying Order Invoice:
- From the same form, click the "Create invoice" button that's on the right-hand-side of the form.
- Set the invoice configuration as it should be (according to your business rules).
- This will automatically redirect you to Draft Customer Invoices form, with a list of all draft invoices in your system. Or, you can view it from the main menu Financial Management> Invoices> Customers Invoices> Draft Customer Invoices.
Click on the invoice you had just created to be opened.
- Now you may send a copy to your customer by clicking the "PRO-FORMA" button.
- To create the the invoice click "Create" button. This will change the invoice state from "Draft" to "Open".
- To pay the invoice, click the "Pay invoice" button on the right-hand-side menu.
- Fill the required fields according to your business rules. Then choose "Full Payment" or "Partial Payment" as the situation requires.
- When the invoice if fully payed, its status changes automatically from "Open" to "Done".
- Now the sale order is ordered, picked, and payed.. Thanks to Allah :)

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