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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Add Access Control to OpenERP Objects

I've started exploring, learning, and developing in OpenERP since last August. One of the most annoying things I found in it is its so bad documentation. Thus I thought I should add some documentation about it here, with some hints and tips about mistakes, errors, and bugs I faced with it.

So please.. Enjoy :)
To add security privilege to users on your OpenERP version 5.0.3+ system, follow those three steps:

Step #1: Create New Users

- Go to Administration> Users> Users
- Click "New"
- Fill the required fields about your new user. Important attributes for user are:
# Name: The user name that will appear at the user screen, and some reports.
# Login: The user's loging.
# Password: The user password.
# Home Action: Determine the desired menu that will appear once the user login to the system.

Step #2: Create New Group

- Go to Administration> Users> Groups
- Click "New"
- Define "Group Name" and "Users" associate with this group
- Click the "Menus"
- Select the menus that the user has the right to access
- Select the "Access Rights" tab, and define the access rights for each object

Some menus are accessible for all system users by default. To change this you need to define that "this" menu is accessible for "that" group.

Step #3: Create New Rules

- Go to Administration> Security> Record Rules
- Click "New"
- Select the "Object" to add conditions on it
- Add the "Test" to be checked by clicking on the "create New Record" button
- Set the rule to be applied on the object you choose
- Mark the "Global" check-box in case you want to make this rule public for all users.

You'll need to make rules if there's an "object" that you want it to be accessible for the group users under some conditions.


Anonymous said...

I want to provide restricted access to the project/user group.He should only be able to click the 'Pending' button. And he should not have the access to the 'Open', 'Cancel', 'Close' buttons. How can I do this?

Please Help.

Yasmen R. El-Shaa'rawy said...

Well, last time I worked with OpenERP was around December 2010!! So, I'm afraid to say that I won't be able that helpful!

Yet, you can contact my friend, Abeer, she's very good experience in OpenERP. Feel free to contact her through her website

Good luck! :)

Yasmen R. El-Shaa'rawy said...

Correction: it was around December 2009! :D