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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Activate "Confirm Order" Button in OpenERP

I was trying to create a user in my OpenERP system who has the privileged to confirm sales orders. The problem I faced is that I can't make the "Confirm order" button active for my user!! This button is active ONLY for Admin.

So how to activate that button??

Certain buttons like the "Confirm Invoice" etc have roles associated with them. These buttons will not be enabled (grayed out) in the GTK client.
Just go to the user configuration in Administration and the give the user privileges for the required role (simply add the role to his list of roles).

Something to say:
I've spent over than two weeks trying to figure the solution out!!

So, many and special thanks to Sharoon Thomas for his astonishing fast-response!

And special thanks to Eng Ahmed and Abeer for their unbounded stream of support and Chocolate :)