Monday, August 11, 2008

Error With MySQL Connection With C#

While I was trying to compile a simple C# program that connects to a MySQL database, I got a compilation error about a missing file called "libmono-il8m2.0"!!! Take into consideration that I was on Linux/Ubuntu operating system, using Mono Project platform, and MonoDevelop IDE. So, here's the steps I tooked in order to get out of this trouble:
  1. Searched about that file (it's full name is "libmono-il8n2.0-cil")
  2. Installed it:
  • Using the Synaptic Package Manager.
  • OR, from terminal: $ sudo apt-install libmono-il8n2.0-cil
  • If you've been asked for a passowrd, enter the passowrd of your PC.
3. Recompile your solution again from the MonoDevelop or from the terminal, it'd work prefectly now :)

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